FCSS District 18 Director Vote


FCSS announces the District 18 Director Vote.

FCSS Members: Cast your vote for the District 18 Director by emailing district18vote@fcss.org. Put your name and the name of the candidate you are voting for in the body of the email. (Your name is needed to be able to cross reference against double voting and also to confirm you are an active FCSS member.) Your email account must match the email account on file with FCSS. (If you want to confirm your email account send an email to district18vote@fcss.org, include your name and the email account(s) you believe FCSS has on file.  We will only confirm that the email account you are providing is correct, and will not provide the correct email account while voting is open.) 

Deadline for voting is 11/22.

Go to the links below for candidate information.

Jody Campbell-Ingellis Nomination

Jody Campbell-Ingellis Biography

Tanya Hanson nomination

Tanya Hanson Biography

President's Corner

Calling All FCSS Members!!!  

Vote in the District 18 Director's Election  


Elisa M. Beachy, FCSS President